Youth Organization in Defense of Animals
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Huma bunglow, 50, Chuim Village Rd, Danda, Pali Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052

To adopt a pup: Call 9820001506 / 9820191321

To adopt a kitten: Call 9820496099

Youth Organization in Defense of Animals

YODA is an NGO formed in Mumbai, India that works towards the benefit of animals. YODA was founded by 5 visionary animal enthusiasts and belongs to all the youth of India. YODA is not just an organization it is a lifestyle. Our members and well wishers, breathe the thoughts of animals on behalf of them and make sure each of them get the little comfort they deserve in their lives be it a nice home or a permanent break from cruelty.

We started this organization with the hope that every family includes an animal member amongst them and our job is to facilitate that thought when one ponders the notion of adopting or simply just wanting to help an animal in need. We welcome all visitors to take a second and share our vision for the future of animals in this country and join hands in support and prayer for these derelict souls.

Services Provided:

  • Rescuing:
  • Rescuing animals includes us having to remove animals that have been abandoned, ill-treated, injured or neglected. We remove the animals from its current location if location is disturbing to the animal and transport them to a different location (shelter, kennel, foster home, permanent home) which would benefit the animals well being.

  • Rehoming:
  • We work towards rehoming the animals that have been rescued. We find a family who vow to look after the animal suitably and promise to give it the care it requires to lead a satisfying life.

  • Sterilizing:
  • We further sterilize stray dogs and cats that roam the street at any one of the many shelters located in Mumbai in order to reduce the number of strays in the city.

  • Transporting:
  • transporting the sick, injured or homeless (abandoned) animals from streets to hospital, animals shelter, fostering home or permanent home in our personal vehicles or via an animal transportation service.

  • Fostering:
  • While searching for a home for the animal we foster the animal at our own homes or find a home who can keep them for a number of days until a suitable family is found for the animal who will keep him permanently.

  • Medically treating animals:
  • Fostering animals includes us having to pay for the animals medical, feeding and general caretaking needs during its stay in our home.
  • Fundraising(used to help us help the animals)
  • Fostering animals includes us having to pay for the animals medical, feeding and general caretaking needs during its stay in our home. We pay vets or animal shelters to medically treat unfit animals until they have recovered or have moved to their new home. To carry out all these activities successfully we need funds that we gain via donations or various fundraising events such as selling products like mugs, t-shirts, second hand pet goods, dog tags, etc.


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Youth Organization in Defense of Animals
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