Pet Karma and how does it work?

• PetKarmais a fantastic concept that helps us provide pet food, coats, medical requirements, raising funds for adoptions, shelters, spaying/neutering etc. to smaller, independent animal rescue groups.

How does this process work ?

• DoggieBazaar.comwith affiliate animal shelters, also known as our

• PetKarmapartners will arrange for the collection, transportation,and redistribution of donated pet food, coats, medical requirements, raising funds for adoptions, shelters, spaying/neutering etc. to animal rescue and owner retention groups

How do we spread happiness?

• We partner with animal welfare and social service organizations throughout India to establish equitable distribution.

• All our affiliate Pet Karma partners receive multiple benefits and our full support in the process.

• Together, they are raising the standards of animal care,with eminent focus on successful delivery of pet wellness, adoption and owner retention services

What standards should my charity uphold to be eligible ?

• All our PetKarma® partners have full transparency of working and reporting, established standards for animal care and shelter operations, and must address issues such as tax-exempt status, spay/neuter policy, respect for quality of life, and adoption programs. A full description of these standards can be found on the Doggie Bazaar website.


At DoggieBazaar, we understand that strong partnerships are key. Here are some of the qualities we look for in our PetKarma Partners:

Trustworthy and Reputable

All DoggieBazaar PetKarma Partners are well-established,non-profit,charity organisations that have successfully been helping spread humanity through care of the underprivileged voiceless.

Tracking and Transparency

All DoggieBazaar PetKarma Partners enable us to track and show you the effectiveness of each and every donation.

Urgency and Resolution

All DoggieBazaar PetKarma Partners ensure and update with emperical evidence of addressing and treating any and all medical issues on top-priority.

Sustainability and Long Term

All DoggieBazaar PetKarma Partners are affiliated with our programme for a 3-year, 5-year, 7-year or 10-year contract that automatically renews based on the overall performance level of each partner to help our cause.

With every product you buy, DoggieBazaar will help an underprivileged voiceless in need.

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